Cell Applications, Inc

In 1994, Cell Applications, Inc. recognized the demand for primary cells and set out to galvanize this paradigm shift from cell lines to primary cells. With years of experience handling numerous notoriously finicky primary cell types, we have honed the craft of isolation, purification, subculture, and growth of primary cells. Our company is built on high purity, strictly quality controlled and characterized primary cells, including over 80 different human and animal primary cell types, as well as cell growth media and cell culture reagents, cell marker and signaling antibodies. These comprise a continuously growing cell culture toolbox.


                   For Cell

Adipocyte Medium

Astrocyte Medium

Cardiomyocyte Medium

Chondrocyte Medium

Dendritic Cell Medium

Dermal Papilla Cell Medium

Endothelial Cell Medium

Epithelial Cell Medium

Fibroblast Medium

Hair Cell Medium

Hepatocyte Medium

Keratinocyte Medium

Macrophage Medium

Melanocyte Medium

Microglia Cell Medium

Monocyte Medium

Mononuclear Cell Medium

Neuron Medium

Osteoblast Medium

Preadipocyte Medium

Schwann Cell Medium

Skeletal Muscle Cell Medium

Smooth Muscle Cell Medium

Stem Cell Medium

Synoviocyte Medium

Trabecular Cell Medium


Cell Counting

Cell RNA

Custom Services


Gene Expression

Growth Factors & Cytokines

Tissue RNA



Airway Cells

Blood Cells

Bone Cells

Cardiac Cells

Eye Cells

Fat Cells

Hair Cells

Joint Cells

Liver Cells

Mammary Cells

Microvascular Cells

Nervous System Cells

Placental Cells

Skin Cells

Stem Cells

Umbilical Cells

Urogenital Cells

               For Tissue

Airway Cell Medium

Blood Cell Medium

Bone Cell Medium

Cardiac Cell Medium

Eye Cell Medium

Fat Cell Medium

Hair Cell Medium

Joint Cell Medium

Liver Cell Medium

Mammary Cell Medium

Microvascular Cell Medium

Nervous System Cell Medium

Placental Cell Medium

Skin Cell Medium

Stem Cell Medium

Umbilical Cell Medium

Urogenital Cell Medium



Human Cells

Bovine Cells

Canine Cells

Chicken Cells

Feline Cells

Mouse Cells

Porcine Cells

Rabbit Cells

Rat Cells


                For Species

Human Cell Medium

Bovine Cell Medium

Canine Cell Medium

Chicken Cell Medium

Feline Cell Medium

Mouse Cell Medium

Porcine Cell Medium

Primate Cell Medium

Rabbit Cell Medium

Rat Cell Medium



3D Cell Bioprinting

3D Cell Models

96 Well Formats

Cellular Disease Models

Custom Services

Human iPSC

Pre-Screened Cells

                For Tissue

Attachment / Matrix Solutions

Classical Cell Media

Custom Services

Differentiation / Induction Media

Freezing Media

Insulin for Cell Culture

Media Kits

Media Supplements

Starvation Media

Subculture Reagents