Hycult Biotech is a leading world-class manufacturer of research reagents in the field of innate immunity. Our products are co-developed with researchers around the globe. By connecting science with disease, these products offer innovative research solutions that enable better treatment, monitoring and prevention.

HBT focus on innate immunity means paying special attention to products relating to antimicrobial peptides, complement, acute phase proteins, TLR, LPS and microbial toxins. Hycult Biotech further has a specific interest in inflammation and cell - and tissue damage. HBT contribute to these areas with our extensive knowledge in the development and production of assays, antibodies and proteins

Product category overview:

Cell- and Tissue Damage

Oxidative Stress

Cellular damage & Toxicity

LPS and Microbial toxins


By Applications

Functional study


Western blot

Monoclonal Ab

Polyclonal Ab

Proteins and peptides



Cytokines, Chemokines

Adhesion Molecules

Coagulation Molecules



Dx Fecal Calprotectin IVD ELISA kit