www.biolegend.com          Biolegend develops world-class, cutting-edge antibodies and reagents for biomedical research to accelerate research and discovery by providing the highest quality products at an outstanding value.

          Biolegend's product areas include cell immunophenotyping for Flow cytometry and Fluorescent Microsope, Cytokines&Chemokines, Adhesion, Cancer research, T regulatory cells, Stem cells, Innate immunity, Cell-cycle analysis, Apoptosis, and modification-specific antibodies.

Advanced Medical Science is an authorized Exclusive Distributor of Bilolegend in Thailand.

A variety of applications are including:

  • Flow Cytometry
    Western Blot
    Elisa /Elispot
    Immunoprecipitation and ChIP
    In vitro or in vivo functional assays.
Flow reagents

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Bead-based immunoassays quantify multiple soluble analytes simultaneously in biological samples using a flow cytometer.

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 Live cell Dead Cell  

>95% pure andEndotoxin tested (LAL assay) to assure it is safe for use in biological systems.

Available in a carrier-free format.

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 The animal-free versions of these proteins function in a similar manner to their animal-derived counterparts.