Cytomark are dedicated to the development of cell stabilisation reagents for use in flow cytometry. Based in Buckingham, UK, Cytomark specialise in the development of two key product areas: TransFix® and Blood Controls. Cytomark manufacture TransFix® and Blood Controls for scientists all over the world. We are committed to helping organisations reduce the pressure associated with the analysis of fresh samples, and also provide quality assurance that their equipment and sample processing procedures are performing optimally.


ISO 13485 Accreditation

ISO 13485:2003

Caltag Medsystems Ltd. are certified to the ISO 13485:2003 standard.

Globally recognised, the ISO 13485 standard defines the quality management system requirements for manufacture of medical devices. For Caltag Medsystems, ISO 13485 accreditation incorporates the "manufacture and supply of cellular stabilisation reagents for research and in vitro diagnostic use".

Caltag Medsystems, under the Cytomark brand, already manufactures a number of products for the medical sector. Maintaining the ISO 13485 certification demonstrates that our quality credentials have been proven through independent verification.