Blood Controls

Routine haematological testing requires the use of reference material during machine set up such that validation prior to analysis of patient samples can be performed. Many also require repeat use of reference controls throughout the running period of the machine, ensuring sample processing, equipment and operators are all performing optimally, thereby providing quality assurance.


In Flow Cytometry however, it has not been the norm to use reference material since it has not previously been possible to stabilise samples for use as a reference. Using proprietary blood stabilisation technology, Cytomark can now produce stabilised human whole blood with both normal and low CD4 counts for use as blood controls. The stabilisation process is robust resulting in controls that are stable for up to 90 days from the date of manufacture when stored at 2 - 8°C, and an open vial stability of 1 month.


The stabilised controls allow gating, and forward and side scatter flow cytometric effects to be determined during machine set up and before and during analysis of patient samples.


The ISO standard entitled ‘ISO 15189: Medical laboratories - Particular requirements for quality and competence’, refers to the requirement for reference samples during flow cytometer set up and running. Cytomark's Stabilised Human Whole Blood and CD4 Low and Normal Controls provide suitable reference samples for this purpose.


Key Benefits of Cytomark's Blood Controls:


Verification of monoclonal antibodies and flow cytometry reagents

Validation of flow cytometer performance

Validation of operator technique

Verification of red blood cell lysis


Blood Controls Available:


Stabilised Human Whole Blood

The Stabilised Human Whole Blood control is supplied with a QC certificate detailing the expected count and range for T cells (CD3+), T helper cells (CD3+CD4+), T suppressor cells (CD3+CD8+), NK cells (CD56+)and B cells (CD19+).


CD4 Low and Normal Blood Controls

The CD4 Normal Blood Control contains CD4+ T cells in the normal range (410-1590 cells/µl) and the CD4 Low Blood Control contains CD4+ T cells in a low range (200-300 cells/µl). These controls can be purchased separately or as a pair.


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