VIOGENE is the leading manufacturer of Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems for life science and molecular biology research.Viogene BioTek Corp. focus on developing advanced genomic tools for life science and molecular.biology research. Our innovative nucleic acid extraction technologies convey top quality DNA/RNA extraction products.


DNA Extraction


Mini PlusTM Plasmid DNA Extraction
Midi PlusTM Ultrapure Plasmid Extraction
Maxi PlusTM Ultrapure Plasmid Extraction
T1 Maxi Plasmid Extraction 

Endotoxin-Free Utrapure Plasmid Extraction Midiprep 

Endotoxin-Free Utrapure Plasmid Extraction Maxiprep

RNA Extraction
 Total RNA Extraction Miniprep System
 Total RNA Extraction Midiprep System
 Viral RNA Extraction Miniprep System
 Plant Total RNA Extraction Miniprep System
  VioTotal Plant RNA Extraction Miniprep 
 miTotal RNA Extraction Miniprep System
 Single Cell miTotal RNA Extraction Miniprep 


DNA Extraction

Blood and Tissue Genomic DNA Miniprep
Geno Plus Genomic DNA Extraction Midiprep 
Geno Plus Genomic DNA Extraction Maxiprep 
Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Miniprep
Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Maxiprep

Geno PlusTM Genomic DNA Extraction Miniprep

 VioFastTM Blood & Cell Genomic DNA Extraction
 VioSPEEDTM Mucous DNA Extraction System

PCR System

FFPE Analysis
96 DNA/RNA Extraction System
Viogene PCR System
FFPE DNA/RNA Extraction Miniprep System
FFPE RNA Extraction Miniprep System
96 wells MiniPlus Plasmid Extraction System
96 wells miTotal RNA Extraction System
96 wells Single Cell miTotal RNA Extraction System

DNA Fragment



Gel AdvancedTM Gel Extraction Miniprep System

DNA AdvancedTM DNA Clean Up and Concentrator Miniprep

Gel/PCRTM DNA Isolation System
 Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis
Viogene® LE Agarose
Viogene® DNA ladder
Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis system