Advanced Medical Science, AMS, is established in 2003. With our experience in Flow cytometer application combine with the basic science research in the immunology leading us successfully serve the research community in business.

With our sincere do business, for more than 10 years, AMS has gained the trust from our clients. With our quick feedback and take care of our clients to bring the most satisfaction.


Introducing Caltag Laboratories in Thailand. Leading in Antibody for immunology and Flow cytometry



Diagnostic Biosystems (DBS) assign AMS to distribute for Immuno Histochemistry to the pathologist


AMS was appointed to distribute Hycult Biotech (HBT), The Netherlands in Thailand.


AMS start import ATCC Cell Lines for user in Thailand


The Magnetic Separation, CORTEX BIOCHEM Inc, was introduce to Thai market




Distribute Stemcell Technologies to the stemcell researcher community


USAsceintific provide Plasticware and lab accessories via AMS


Biolegend Brand was first introduced to the Flow Cytometer users.


Bio-Rad AbD Serotec was able to serve their users in Thailand

   AMS support our Biochemistry user by providing substance form Tocris Bioscince
  We are able to serve the products from Martek Biosciences Corporation
  Introduce Molzyme Brand to the molecular' users.



AMS was appointed to distribute Monosan antibodies to the research community


IBL-America products was launched in Thailand


TransFix®: A Cellular Antigen Stabilisation Reagent, was introduced as the whole blood stabilizer from Cytomark


 We also provide PCR detection kit, Genekam Biotechnology for H5N1 detection.


DNA Technologies provide kit for Enterovirus detection


Salimetric Inc, is one of our supplier who provide saliva detection kits


Bone Metabolism study by kit from Nordic Bioscience Diagnostics


Bangs Laboratories provide quality specialty microspheres for a variety of immunoassay, molecular biology, and cell biology applications.




Prospectbio serve its recombinant protein products to Thai market


We have an opportunity to distribute Biotium's products, a biotechnology company specializing in providing innovative fluorescent reagents and related products for life science research.


Not only products from supplier in USA and EC, we distribute products from Abnova to the reserch community.


 AMS open new line to serve the HLA typing to the customers. Texas BioGene provide SSP and SBT kits



We provide Cell culture medium from PAN biotecnology.


Gemini Bioproducts offer High grade FBS from for research use


AMS introduce Cell base assay kit from Cell Biolabs Inc. The company also specialise in the Oxidative Stress Assays


Not only research use product, we provide infectious detection kit from Shainghai ZJ Technology using RT-PCR method


AMS offers full range of techniques of protein research from Gbiosciences Inc, US brand to the market


The molecular reagents and products for leukemia and lymphoma testing from Invivoscribe Inc helps Hematologist and Pathologist to have more precise make a decision.



BioVendor provides immunoassays, recombinant proteins, antibodies and endotoxin-removal products.


CellGenix is a leading supplier of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufactured cytokines and serum-free media for cell therapy. They are also provide the Bioprocessing container


AMS is broker for distributjion of Cell Bank, RIKEN BioResource Center form Japan

  Cell Aplicationsprovider of primary cell culture systemscell culture reagents & antibodies to serve your cell-based research.

Southern Biotech provide a broad range of affinity purified, polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, including, fluorochrome and enzyme conjugates, Elisa, purified immunoglobulins and collagens.


 IQ Products supplier of a range of antibody based diagnostic products


The world’s only supplier of Minicircle DNA, Pladmid Factory provide Minimized DNA  for maximized transfection.



Our clients are able to obtain the cell lines from Health Science Research Resources Bank (HSRRB), Japan


We are pround to offer our clients the transfection technologies for the delivery of bioactive materials into living organisms. OZ Biosciences provides innovative tools for the worldwide scientific community


CUSA Biotech is a leading biotechnology company specialized in production of high quality products for gene, protein, antibody, ELISA kit, raw material for production of diagnostic kit,


TriLink Biotechnologies has offered cutting edge services to researchers in the fields of gene therapy, nucleoside chemotherapy, oligonucleotide therapy and diagnostics.



Viogene  advanced genomic tools for life science and molecular biology research, esp DNA/RNA extraction and more
     Percipio Biosciences, Inc. is a premier source for state of the art research products targeting biomarkers of Oxidative Stress

Bioclone provides the Biomagnetic separation techniques have attracted a great deal of interest in a wide range of applications in biosciences


Viagen Biotech Inc. is a leading provider of innovative DNA extraction technologies



Glycotope Biotechnology provides product line of diagnostic kits is focussed on the quantitative assessment of cellular functions


Advanced BioScience Laboratories is a leading contract research and manufacturing organization


Applied StemCell Inc provides animal and cell line models as tools for drug discovery and diagnostics


Biowest offering the widest range of sera and media for cell culture