Helping Make Research Work

      STEMCELL Technologies Inc is a privately-owned biotechnology company that develops specialty cell culture media, cell separation products and ancillary reagents for life science research. Driven by science and a passion for quality, STEMCELL delivers over 1500 products to more than 70 countries worldwide.

      STEMCELL helps make sure your research works. We do it in many ways: in the creativity of novel products; in providing consistent, unfailing quality; and by standing with you, in person or by telephone, to provide one-on-one assistance to help you succeed. We do this because we love science as much as you do.

A Lab and a Company

      STEMCELL grew out of the Media Preparation Service of the Terry Fox Laboratory for Hematology/Oncology Research at the British Columbia Cancer Agency. The Media Preparation Service was originally created in 1981 to provide high quality, cost effective tissue culture media for cancer researchers. In 1993, to allow it to grow, the Media Preparation Service was spun off as a private company, STEMCELL Technologies Inc.
Since this time, STEMCELL has been dedicated to providing standardized reagents and tools for all areas of stem cell research, and has extended this expertise to many other sectors of life science. The importance of quality control processes and raw material selection is critical to the production and optimal performance of STEMCELL’s entire portfolio of products, ensuring that batch-to-batch variability is minimized. You can be assured that the products you use in your experiments perform the same every time.

By Product type    
 Antibodies  Cell isolation products  
 Cytokines  Mammalian cloning products  

 Other cell culture media,  reagents & supplies

 Primary cells  
 Proficiency testing  Stem cell detection kits  
 Specialized cell culture media Small molecules  
By Product line        
AggreWell™ ALDECOUNT™ ALDEFLUOR™ CFU-Hill Medium ClonaCell™
 CollagenCult™  EasySep™ EpiCult™ EPO-ELISA  ES-Cult™


 MegaCult™  MesenCult™ MethoCult™  mFreSR™
 mTeSR™1 & TeSR™2  MyeloCult™  NeuroCult™  PneumaCult™-ALI  Primary cells
 ProstaCult™  RoboSep™  RosetteSep™  SepMate™  StemAdhere™
STEMdiff™ StemSep™ StemSpan™ STEMvision™ TeSR™-E8™