Biotium  Biotium has state-of-the-art facilities and, more importantly, a team of highly experienced scientists and supporting staff to provide high quality products and superior service. Our chemistry and analytical labs employ advanced purification and analytical instruments to ensure product purity and consistency.  Similarly, our bioscience lab is fully equipped for conducting cell imaging and bioanalytical experiments, such as confocal microscopy, gel electrophoresis, flow cytometry, real-time PCR, and fluorescent/bioluminescent plate-based assays. These capabilities enable us to produce user-friendly product protocols and provide superior technical support to our customers.


Fluorescent secondary antibodies and other conjugates

Fluorescent antibodies and labeling kits, featuring our exceptionally bright and photostable CF dyes, plus R-PE, APC, HRP, and biotin conjugates.

CF dye- and biotin-labeled secondary antibodies (370)

Anti-epitope tag and anti-biotin antibody conjugates (44)


Fluorescent streptavidin conjugates (14)

CF dye-labeled lectins (20)


Other CF dye-labeled products (63)

R-PE and APC-labeled antibodies and other conjugates (15)

HRP conjugates (7)



Kits for labeling proteins, antibodies and small molecules

Mix-n-Stain antibody labeling kits (29)

Mix-n-Stain Small Ligand Labeling Kits (13)

CF dye SE and biotin SE protein labeling kits (19)

Vivobrite rapid antibody labeling kits for small animal imaging (4)

Enzyme substrates